A woman took the wrong path, but ended up in the right place at the right time to rescue a stray kitten on the highway!

In May 2022, Laila D’Souza, director of the Winston Memorial Foundation Animal Shelter, was driving home when she took the wrong exit off the freeway.

Then she saw a black and white kitten in great danger. The kid, later named Hitch, ran between cars looking for cover.
“I saw a frightened kitten rush past my car in the middle of traffic,” she confirmed t.

Without hesitation, she stopped on a hard shoulder to pick it up. But the task proved difficult.

“A selfless man came to my rescue after he saw me struggling to find him. But after 2 hours of research, we agreed to leave dangerous places. But my intuition convinced me to go home very slowly,” Layla explained.

Hitch was horrified and found it convenient to hide in Leila’s engine room. Once at home, a young woman with a thin nose opened her hood and found the unfortunate man.

She immediately took him to the veterinary clinic to check if he was injured. And, fortunately, the baby at the age of 5 or 6 weeks felt great.

Layla then took him under her wing and pampered him in her home to bring him back to his senses.

Hitch ate greedily, and once he felt safe, he expressed his gratitude to his rescuer by giving her his best purr.
So the little kitten thrived with Layla for a few weeks before being transferred to Washington, D.C., to the City Kitties, D.C. shelter, where he found furry owners.

Therefore, Hitch was adopted and now enjoys love and attention.

“I am very happy for him. Life works in an interesting way. That wrong turn on the freeway was one of the best decisions I (accidentally) made,” Layla said.

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