A Woman Quit Her Job To Focus On Her Ill Dog…

Finding out that his faithful companion will soon leave the world of the living is an ordeal. The owner of this deceased Labrador decided to do her best to make the most of every moment she spent with her best friend.
Megan Marshall lives in England with her 16 year old dog Sasha. Both have gone through hardships, but this one remains the hardest. Sasha has dementia and a degenerative disease that affects his hind legs. The vet’s verdict is final, Megan’s loyal friend will soon leave her.

“Sasha has always been my mainstay in my own fights,” Megan told Metro. Based on this observation, Megan, who was the founder of a petting company, decided to drop everything to thank her dog. So she closed her company to spend as much time with Sasha as possible and made a to-do list. “It’s a bit like me and Sasha against the whole world, so I felt like I wanted to give her back what she gave me while I still had a chance,” Megan shared.

The «wish list» includes activities that all dogs dream of. So Sasha discovered the beach, ate ice cream in a mobile truck, participated in a dog show, tasted a perfectly cooked steak and celebrated her birthday with relatives. The duo also visited the zoo, nursing home, Blenheim Palace, King’s Road in London and had a professional photo shoot.

Sasha still has a lot to do to get every conceivable dog experience. A butcher’s tour of the city is possibly the best experience for a dog. The duo also plans to visit the children at the school and visit Windsor Castle.

“Knowing that we did it all will definitely help make the bad days a little easier. I know losing her will be a big test for me so I feel like we did the best we could,” Meghan shared.

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