A Woman Hired To Clean An Abandoned House Finds A Big Surprise In The Laundry Basket!

Unexpectedly, the housekeeper found a cat with babies in a laundry basket. Locked in the basement, they had absolutely nothing to feed themselves. Rescue meeting.

A woman hired to clean an abandoned house couldn’t believe her eyes when she went down to the basement. The cat and her 4 kittens were placed in a laundry basket. The cats had neither water nor food. The house is locked, no one knows how long they stayed there.

After this unexpected discovery, the employee took the little family to her home. The skinny and hungry mom was delighted with the opportunity to eat well, according to Lovemeow. Subsequently, their benefactor contacted a volunteer from an animal shelter in Indiana, the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO). “She returned them to me,” said Laurie White, “I was grateful to her for taking the time to help them and get them to safety.”

Luckily, 4 fluffy balls named Rose, Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche were in good health. It must be said that their mother, Goldie, took great care of them.
Shortly after their arrival, the room was filled with a beautiful symphony of purrs: the cats felt good. Now in safe hands, they’ll never have to worry about what to eat again.

Goldie does not have a microchip, and no one has come for him. But the mother and her offspring have nothing to worry about, they know that they can count on their guardian angel.

For a few days, young cats allow their true nature to emerge. Curious and playful, they love to explore their environment. But also and above all curl up against their tender mother. The latter, gentle and patient, satisfies all their needs. Goldie is so happy that she traded her cellar for a warm and loving home!

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