A Woman Got A Symbolic Tattoo In Memory Of Her Four-Legged Best Friend

Anna Halcin and her dog Sebastian were simply inseparable. As the animal’s death knell rang, the young woman paid him a touching tribute.

Anna Halcin and Sebastian lived 6 years of happiness hand in hand. Despite life’s ups and downs, an adorable dog always brings a smile to his loved one. “He was special to me and always will be,” admitted the last Dodo, “we were best friends. »

Anna and Sebastian had many ways to show their love, but one particular gesture of the dog was remembered by its owner. Sebastian liked to wrap his paws around the arm of his beloved partner.

Alas, the hour of farewell has come. When the dog died Anna was heartbroken.

Everyone grieves in their own way. Anna, drowned in grief, decided to pay tribute to her best four-legged friend by getting a tattoo. “I wanted something that was always with me no matter what, and the tattoo seemed perfect,” she said.

The design reflects Sebastian’s favorite pose. The expression “to have someone under the skin” takes on its full meaning here … “Now every time I look down, it’s like he hugs me in his paws,” said Anna.

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