A Woman Finds A Kitten Stuck In Her Engine…

The kitten, which was stranded under the hood of a car, was freed by a team of mechanics called by the police. The mechanics didn’t just save the cat. One of them actually decided to offer him the life he deserves.

The kitten, which was locked in the engine compartment of a minivan, was rescued, but also adopted, as reported on its website by the Camp Hill police on Monday, March 7.

Camp Hill is a city in Cumberland County, located in the state of Pennsylvania (northeastern United States). A resident contacted the local police station, concerned about the fate of a kitten in danger.

He got stuck under the hood of the van. Its driver heard the animal’s frantic cries and stopped to try and pull it out, but to no avail. The location of the little cat in the black dress was hard to find.

Camp Hill Police dispatched Officer Trisha Moench to the scene. She assessed the situation and decided that it was best to take the car to the garage.
There, the mechanics dismantled several elements, which finally freed the young cat. The kitten was terrified, but safe and sound. He received no serious injuries.

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