A woman and her children find an abandoned crate and discover a pit bull puppy with three broken legs. His fate will be changed…

Despite the disability and trials she had just endured, Princess had not lost her cheerful and friendly temperament. The NYPD officers who rescued this dog were not insensitive.
Accompanied by her two children, a woman spotted a strange box on the side of a road in Amsterdam, New York. A small family found a pit bull puppy there that looked injured. Actually it was a woman who waved only one leg. As soon as she was informed of this, officer Gina Kline from the city’s animal control department left for the scene. On a cursory examination of a small dog, she determined that her front leg was broken, and both hind legs were paralyzed.

The following day, the Princess was taken to the Country Valley Veterinary Clinic. Specialists determined that her elbow, rib and vertebrae were broken. She had to be operated on. Once she recovered from the interference, the Amsterdam police decided not to place her in an orphanage, but to take care of her themselves, expecting to find her a foster family, or better yet, an adoption.

Partially paralyzed, the dog won over the police with his friendly and playful demeanor. To help him regain his mobility, he underwent physical therapy sessions at the Ballston Spa veterinary center.

In addition, the Amsterdam police opened an online wallet to fund his care and treatment. This raised $10,000 (nearly €9,000) in just 24 hours. The unused amount of money will be used to help other animals in need.

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