A wild kitten falls into the sewer during the rescue of his entire family: 40 hours before his evacuation!

Factory workers in Elkhart County, Indiana, United States, found a young cat and her offspring living in harsh conditions.

The cats were wild and therefore not sociable. The Good Samaritans who wanted to take in all these little people ran into some difficulties. One of the babies was very frightened and threw himself into a ditch.

“The gutter guard was broken. As a result, he fell almost a meter and then ran to the hatch,” said Missy McNeil of Catsnip Etc.

It is impossible then to find him, let alone save him.

Rescuers tried to find him with a camera, but to no avail. At midnight, it was decided to stop the search, as it was very dark.

However, the next morning, a village woman named Ashley had an idea: «We ran water through the pipe he jumped into and followed his path to find out where he was.

The plan worked, all that remained was to go down to a cramped place.

According to Ashley, the baby ran up to her as soon as he saw her. The poor one was cold, hungry and dehydrated.

So Missy hurried home with the baby to raise her body temperature with a heating pad.

“We gave him Karo syrup for low blood sugar and then fed him,” she said.

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