A very unusual story happened in Germany. The cat decided to ride the train from Baden-Württemberg to Stuttgart. Alone!))

Passengers were very surprised when they saw a ginger cat in the carriage, who slept sweetly, taking two seats at once. The owner of the animal was not on the flight.
One of the passengers, Patrick Maurer, took several pictures of the animal and wrote about this unusual case on social networks. Thus, the man wanted to help the fluffy come back home — after all, he did not look like a yard cat! Somewhere, the owner must have been waiting for him …

“If someone has lost a ginger cat, then he is on a train that follows the S1 route,” wrote Patrick.

At the same time, it was completely incomprehensible how the camelina got into the train car. Perhaps he followed the flow of passengers, losing sight of the owner.

On the way, the cat realized that he was alone and began meowing plaintively …

As a result, the animal was taken to a shelter. But not for long!

Soon the owner showed up, who was very worried that his pet was gone. The cat was glad to finally be home. ))

The owner shared several pictures of the pet, which confirm that he is taking good care of the redhead.

Internet users joke that the cat just bought a ticket on the wrong train. 🙂

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