A unique bond between a little girl and her cat. Being different does not prevent you from being happy.

A kitten named Sergeant Pepper teaches a little girl that being different doesn’t stop you from being happy. Their wonderful friendship made it possible to help other animals living in a shelter from which a small cat came out.
During pregnancy, Caitlin was frightened when she learned that her future daughter had a facial deformity, in this case a cleft lip, associated with a cleft palate. But after doing some research and mentally preparing herself, she finally realized that her child could very well live a happy life no matter what.

Ivy came into the world and showered her parents with happiness. Then, at the age of one and a half years, she had an operation that partially eliminated the problem. Subsequently, her family noticed that she was becoming more and more interested in her adult cat; she tried to imitate his meow and was constantly looking for contact with him.

Caitlin and her husband are thinking about getting a kitten. When they saw Sergeant Pepper, a young cat also born with a cleft lip and palate, on Instagram, they immediately knew he was destined to be the newest member of their family. It didn’t take long for them to make a decision; they adopted Sergeant Pepper from the Philadelphia Humane Society shelter where he lived.

Kitten and Ivy bonded quickly. They developed a habit of playing together, climbing furniture, hugging, and even doing a few stupid things together. Caitlin hopes that when she grows up, her daughter, watching Sergeant Pepper, will understand that her deformity is in no way an obstacle to happiness.

Their story touched Petco Love, and on the occasion of its annual Love Stories event, it chose Ivy and Sergeant Pepper from among 100 families who have adopted pets and whose lives have changed because of them. As such, the shelters they came from were rewarded with up to $100,000 in cash.

Thus, the Humane Society of Philadelphia received more than a long-awaited financial assistance thanks to Ivy and her feline friend. An amount that will help the association in its huge work of helping animals in distress.

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