A tragic «bucket list’ before … Just look at this two!

Time is precious, life is so short. In order to allow their sickly doomed puppy to fully live out his last days, the couple made a list of things to do before they die. Emotions in sight.
The heartbeat of Mike Lauer and his girlfriend Jessie is a golden retriever. Therefore, accepting one of them was an easy task. At the beginning of 2022, two lovers opened the door to their home for Willow, just an adorable puppy. Unfortunately, soon after her arrival, the health of the lady in the golden dress began to deteriorate.

2 months after we picked her up, we noticed that Willow had diarrhea and was throwing up,” Mike said, “we gave her new treats, she played outside and ate leaves and grass. The diet recommended by the vet didn’t improve anything at all.

back to square one. The owners of the animal consulted with other specialists. Unfortunately, after a series of medical tests, the medical staff played the sinister birds… Willow’s kidneys didn’t seem to be working properly, and a specific treatment was prescribed.

“They told us there was a chance she could die,” Mike recalls, “when they took her to the back, we thought we were saying goodbye to her. Although she has recovered from her kidney infection, the damage to her kidneys is such that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease.”

The disease gradually and irreversibly destroys the patient’s kidneys. For veterinarians, Willow is doomed. Shocking and heartbreaking news for the couple who recently adopted her.

«She will have diarrhea, vomit and become lethargic to the point of not wanting to eat,» Mike said. «Her life expectancy is about a year. Instead of moping in desperation, the couple decided to do whatever it took to make a a better puppy, and thus the idea of ​​the «to-do list before you die» was born.

Mike asked the opinion of internet users on the Reddit community site; he was touched by the many responses he received. “Many of the items on his list include outdoor activities such as going to the beach, hiking, camping, boating, jumping in the snow, diving in the mud, etc. Places with lots of pleasant smells, as well as car trips with the windows down,” he said.

Some users have also suggested that he is preparing a royal feast for him. In the meantime, Mike and Jessie plan to take her to the sea where she can run freely. Since she loves climbing stairs, she will be allowed to walk up the museum steps «like Rocky». Willow will also be able to sleep in his owner’s bed and visit his best canine friends regularly.

“The day will come when we won’t have Willow anymore. Until then, we will live with her every day as if it were the last, ”Mike Lauer said emotionally.

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