A stray dog who lives in a garbage can is moving towards a better life thanks to an association.

In Kentucky (USA), a dog’s only refuge was a trash can. Accustomed to living in the garbage, a vagrant was rescued by an animal control officer in Lexington. New start.

Members of the Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control team have shared heartbreaking photos on Facebook. We can see a hungry dog ​​sticking its head out of its house, which is nothing more than an overturned trash can. The animal, which consisted only of skin and bones, wagged its tail when it saw its savior.

He was contacted by a local resident who explained to him that the dog lives in the middle of this garbage heap. “When our agent arrived, this cute but shy dog,” the organization said, came over to say hello and then immediately returned to the trash can.
The animal was cured and named Oscar. Although he no longer lives on the street, he continues to have a particular interest in trash. Oscar even climbed animal control garbage cans in Lexington. So his rescuers decided to surprise him… by arranging a meeting with the scavengers. “ Oscar had a great time! the staff said.


Volunteers do not know the details of his past and can only guess.

“Whether he sought shelter from the weather or someone threw him away like garbage, that part of his story is left behind,” they announced, “what we can promise him is that he will never have to live in a garbage can again. . »

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