A Stray Cat With Numerous Health Problems Completely Changes His Appearance! You’d Never Know It By Looking At Him Now!

This poor old cat must have wandered the street alone for a very long time, given the state of his health. Fortunately, the Good Samaritans gave him the help he needed for his good recovery. Now he has changed and is enjoying his best life.

The Lowell TNR Coalition was called upon to rescue a stray cat that clearly needed their help. So the rescuers set up a humane trap to gently trap him. They then entrusted him to the Merrimack River Cat Rescue Society, an orphanage located in Salisbury, Massachusetts, USA.

The poor animal named Frisbee had such matted hair that it was impossible to comb it. So he was taken to a veterinarian who trimmed his hair under general anesthesia. A full examination revealed that Frisbee also had FIV (a viral infection specific to cats) and stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth), which caused him to lose more than half of his teeth.

Months of recovery… and love at first sight

Back home from the clinic, Frisbee was already expressing his gratitude by purring and snuggling up to his foster volunteer. She spoiled him for several months. The cat showed resilience and completed its metamorphosis. He’s gained back the pounds he’s lost and his growing fur on his back is silkier than ever.

That’s when Donna Atkins discovered the Frisbee story on a pet adoption website. “I knew I had to drive an hour and a half to Salisbury to visit him. It was love at first sight, so Frisbee (now called Buffy Boy) came home with us,” Donna explained.

Since then, the newly domesticated cat has been living like a king in his new home. He sleeps, eats and plays with his friend Kitten all day long. “He is so happy to be a spoiled cat, thanks to MRFRS! I will send a donation on behalf of Buffy and thank them for all they do for those who cannot speak for themselves,” Donna concluded.

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