A stray cat who slept under the stairs and trusted no one has discovered the warmth of home!

A skinny and sick stray cat systematically ran away when we tried to help him. A situation that lasted for many years, but ended thanks to the mobilization of people with big hearts and association.

In Montreal, a stray cat lived one of the harshest lives for years, facing hunger, cold, fear and disease every day, says Love Meow. A local resident noticed this and tried to help him, but the feline was too scared to let him get close. The man then got into the habit of leaving him something to eat, then built him a small makeshift shelter, arranged under the stairs.

Another person noticed this cat and decided to come to his rescue when he saw him lying on the ground, next to his shelter. Caroline found her hideout infested with flies and smelling very bad. The animal had to be taken care of and saved from suffering at any cost.

Karolina turned to Nadia, a volunteer practicing the catch-neuter-return method, for help. Arriving at the place, the latter was able to see in what a bad condition the feline was. In particular, he had scars on his ears from frostbite and walked with his head down.

Nadia spent hours trying to gain his trust. The help of the person who fed him was invaluable to him in this matter. The local association Chatons Orphelins Montréal was finally able to take care of the cat.

The four-legged animal delivered to the shelter, which the volunteers of the organization named Ferdinand Bullion, was first seen by veterinarians. His age was estimated at 8 years. He suffered from thinness, oral infections, thyroid and stomach problems, and tested positive for FIV («AIDS in cats»).

«He’s been through the worst and deserves better»

Ferdinand Bullion then underwent surgery to remove infected teeth before being shaved because his hair was very dirty and tangled. Finally rid of these pains that had been suppressing him for so long, he began to relax. He also slept a lot. Gradually his general condition improved, he gained weight again and his coat grew back thanks to the treatments.

The cat was given to Alvin and Morgan, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a voluntary foster family. With this couple, Ferdinand Bullion gradually learned to trust people. He even had a habit of asking for petting and made friends with the other cats in the house.

He survived the worst and now deserves the best,” says Celine Krom, founder of the association. He is looking for a loving family with a comfortable sofa for him and will cherish forever.”

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