A stray cat walked through the door of the house to give her kittens a chance at a better life!

Discovered by friendly passers-by, a stray cat was able to give birth to her cubs in optimal conditions. The association then took responsibility for the cat family.

The cat, named Oreo by her benefactors, roamed the streets of Dundas, Ontario (east-central Canada), waiting for the kittens to arrive. Passers-by noticed her rounded belly and decided to take her home.

Oreo had infected sores on his chest and neck. First of all, she needed a comfortable and safe place to give birth and raise offspring. The owners took care of her and equipped a cozy corner for her, where she gave birth to 5 charming kittens, reports Love Meow.

They then contacted the local Salt Animal Rescue Association, who claimed responsibility. Thus, the cat and her children were placed in a foster family. Oreo was friendly and affectionate with everyone from day one. She seemed to be grateful for the help offered to her.

They will never have to live on the streets again and will not contribute to the overpopulation of stray and feral cats in our community,” cheers Carly and Kathleen Saltarski,

Oreo was an excellent mother for her kittens. After 2 weeks, they opened their eyes and began to explore the surroundings. Their mother purred constantly, especially around Chris, the foster father, and Nood, his dog.

Very quickly, the kittens became attached to Nud, who was always gentle and patient with them.

Named Griswold, Clara, Tinsel, Juniper and Noel, the young cats grew up. It was time for them, like their mothers, to start a new life. The kittens quickly found loving families. Oreo has been adopted in turn.

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