A Stray Cat Came Up To The Woman. After 2 Days She Became The Mother Of Kittens!

Desperate to find a safe place to give birth and raise her kittens, a stray cat found much-needed help from a volunteer. Soon after they met, the first children appeared.

Cathy volunteers with Stray Cat Relief, a charity helping cats in distress based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the end of March, she saw a stray tortoiseshell cat near her place of work. She knew she needed help.

In fact, the animal had a very big belly. Her pregnancy was clearly late. She approached Cathy very lightly, as she tells Love Meow, «I sat down, stretched, and she came right up to me to hug me.»

The volunteer couldn’t take her because she didn’t have a  box. She called the association, who sent someone to help. While waiting for her to arrive, Cathy kept her pussy busy for over an hour.
After Cathy came under the care of Stray Cat Relief, she became her foster mom. A cat named Priscilla was pleased with the attention and good food. She also seemed hungry. She had a wonderful night, enjoying comfort and security she had probably never known.

The next day, Cathy noticed that Priscilla wasn’t eating. “She was also excited and screaming,” she adds. My instinct told me that she was about to give birth. Around 1:30 a.m., the volunteer woke up to go visit her and was very surprised to find the first two kittens the cat had just given birth. 4 more followed him. “When I got back around 7:30 in the morning, she immediately rolled over on her back, as if to show me her children.”

Katya helped her feed the kids. She also made sure Priscilla didn’t go hungry either. “I fed her while she was lying down and breastfeeding because she didn’t seem to want to stop at anything,” she says.
After a few days, Priscilla began to take short breaks. She took the opportunity to stretch her legs and show her affection for Cathy.

When her 6 kittens are big enough and independent enough, they can be given up for adoption. She too, for that matter; she deserves to have a loving family and finally put an end to her wandering life.

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