A small puppy weighing less than a kilogram seemed doomed, his former owners decided…

Because of his special needs, Toby’s former owners considered having him euthanized. However, the association accepted him, and his story touched upon a company specializing in equipment for disabled pets.
Toby was close to the worst. This Shih Tzu-Yorkshire Terrier puppy was born with hydrocephalus. Because of the latter, he could not move normally. A small canine weighing less than a kilogram seemed doomed, its former owners decided to euthanize him.

The Florida York Rescue Association, based in Palm Beach, Florida, was informed and offered to take care of the puppy. The story that caught the attention of Walkin’ Pets, an equipment company for pets with disabilities, in Amherst, New Hampshire.

His team mobilized to make a custom cart for Toby. She then traveled from New Hampshire to Florida to give him the device and teach him how to use it. Thanks to her, the young four-legged can now walk freely.

“The cart will help him strengthen his front legs. I’m very optimistic and I think he is too,” said Keith DeRoche, president and founder of Florida Yorkie Rescue, Daily Paws.

This isn’t the only good news for Toby; the same Keith DeRoche also decided to adopt it. She hopes her approach will inspire others to do the same: “I encourage people who want to give dogs with special needs a chance to do so. You will never find a more grateful heart than the animal you rescued.

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