A Shelter Dog Noticed A Girl Having A Panic Attack And Rushed To Help Her

Picasso was looking for an eternally loving family. Will his wish come true one day? A glimmer of hope was born during a Christmas parade that the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association participated in to raise awareness of adoption.

The dog was supposed to be named after a famous Spanish artist, but due to a typo (a missing «s»), the computer system of the shelter that adopted him registered him as Picaso.

The latter was found wandering down the street in Charleston, West Virginia, USA in November. The DOG did not have a microchip, and no one claimed it. So he waited at the Kanawha-Charleston Animal Welfare Association until the new family showed interest in him.

On December 10 of that year, the association took part in a Christmas parade to raise public awareness of the adoption. Several residents trampled rubble in the company of volunteers. Next to Picasso was Kim Vigno.
“When I first met him, he immediately hugged me,” Dodo said, “he loves to hug. He is so cute. My goal that evening was to adopt him. »

When the duo made their way past hundreds of onlookers, the dog was particularly drawn to one person. “There was a girl sitting on the sidewalk. She looked upset, her companion explained, Picasso took the initiative and pulled me towards him. He pressed his head against hers. Then the girl smiled. I knew from his body language that he was helping her. »

So the affectionate fluffy lump met Abby Ellis, suffering from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (it manifests itself, in particular, by heart palpitations). That night, a 16-year-old girl had a panic attack. Her mother, Melissa Smoot, was taking care of her when her guardian angel flew to her.
As she fell forward, Picasso reportedly supported her. “Abby buried her face in the ground, if not for this dog,” said the mother of the family. Rescue meeting…

“I felt his nose against mine,” the teenager said, “and began to caress him. I felt safe. Melissa asked the dog’s name and took her daughter home. But the two women couldn’t get Picasso out of their heads.

The next day, Abby and her mother went to the orphanage. Seeing the teenager, Picaso ran to her. “He hugged me, I was very excited,” she said. Abby had long dreamed of a dog, Picasso wanted more than anything to be loved. These two souls are made to meet.
After spending twenty days at the shelter, the animal was adopted by Abby and her relatives. “I am very glad that he chose me,” said the girl. Rushing to Abby for help, Picasso got more than recognition. He won the family.

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