A roofer named Lloyd Roach found a missing puppy and filmed a funny movie about their time together.

Lloyd Roach works as a roofer in Rhondda, South Wales. In mid-March, he discovered and adopted a dog alone on the road and spoke about it in a video posted on Facebook.

That day, a man was driving his van to a construction site when he noticed an English Cocker Spaniel walking near the industrial site. The animal has just not been knocked down. He didn’t have a collar on.

He then decided to take him to a safe place. He and the dog, whom he named Philip because he did not know his name, spent several hours together.

Charming Phil, calmly sitting in the passenger seat, accompanied him to his place of work. “He came with me to finish the roof,” says Lloyd Roach. I gave him cookies and a bowl of water. We played cards and talked about the passage of time. Then, unfortunately, he left my life forever.”

Phil’s real name is Alfie and his family was waiting for him.

The 40-year-old man took the dog to the veterinarian, who found an identification chip on him. Thanks to the latter, he was able to contact his masters, who had lost sight of him. The reunion took place soon after.

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