A passer-by witnessed a touching scene in the park of Bucaramanga, a city located in Colombia. A homeless man gave his beloved dog the best birthday ever. (Video)

There are touching scenes that will forever remain in our memory. A resident of Bucaramanga stopped at a bend in the road to commemorate a particularly touching event.

A homeless man was sitting on the stairs with his faithful furry friends. It was a very special evening for these three friends…
A man organized a small birthday party for one of his dogs! To please his four-legged friends, he brought a cake on which he lit candles, after which he began to sing in honor of his friend. Then he kissed his two dogs, with whom he shared this delicious feast.

Of course, dear owners, it is important to remember that human food is not recommended for our pets. Confectionery and cakes turn out to be harmful to their health and, if consumed regularly, lead to overweight and even obesity.
With the many support Choco, Shaggy and Nena are now receiving, there is a good chance that their living conditions will improve. In the meantime, we can say that they already possess a priceless treasure: the endless and unshakable love that they show for each other every day …

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