A new babysitter for kittens. It’s too cute. Tap the link and watch a video!

Asa volunteers at the Animal Welfare League cat shelter in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Recently, a young woman was entrusted with a gorgeous 2-year-old European type cat named Freckles.

The pregnant girl immediately felt at home and even made friends with Asa’s dog Kona.
Kona was adopted after having a troubled past. Now his passion is to help newcomers overcome difficulties and take care of children.

Some time after the arrival Freckles gave birth to 6 charming kittens. The young mother was very interested in her new role. “6 hungry furry balls is a lot, but she managed to grow them beautifully,” Asa said.

Once Kona heard the little cats meow, she became obsessed with meeting them. However, they were still very young, and Asa preferred not to let her dog into the room, fearing that she would stress her mother.

And yet one day Freckles decided to transport her cubs and left one on the road. Kona immediately noticed him. “When she saw the kitten, she started wagging her tail. She kept looking between him and me, as if to say: Mom! I found the child, Asa said.

“All my pets were afraid to approach Freckles kittens because she hissed all the time. Much to Kona’s delight, Freckle trusted her enough to let her into her nest,» Asa explained.

When the kittens were 6 weeks old, they were ready to roam and interact with other members of the shelter. So now they can take advantage of the benevolence of a patient dog at will.

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