A man in search of stolen dogs saved 31 dogs that were going to be used for meat!

The dog meat trade is still raging in Vietnam. A man whose three dogs had been stolen by dog ​​dealers gave chase. He only found one of his dogs, but rescued 31 more dogs today in search of their owners.
Minh Khoi Do lives in the southern resort town of Nha Trang in southern Vietnam. In early July 2022, a 46-year-old man had three dogs stolen from his home. Well aware of their fate, Ming Hoi Do investigated to save them.

On Saturday, July 23, he infiltrated an underground slaughterhouse in the Dienhan region.

31 frightened dogs were crammed into tiny cages and waited to be killed for meat.

Minh Khoi Do bought them from merchants for a modest sum of 1,000 euros. He couldn’t bring himself to let them commit such an atrocity.

The man returned the dogs to his house, although it was too small to accommodate so many refugees. There were specimens of different ages, including integral puppies with mothers.

He took a picture of them and then posted them on Facebook in the hope that some people who had also lost their faithful four-legged friends would recognize them.

To his delight, Minh Khoi Do, through his heroic deed, found one of his dogs. However, 2 are still missing.
The story of the dogs touched the community. Min Khoi Do received donations of dog food and accessories. In addition, many people offered to adopt the survivors.

“If I can’t find the previous owners, I will take them to an animal shelter,” said the rescuer. He fears that the dogs will be collected for the sole purpose of being resold to dog butchers.

Luckily, 2 families were able to find their newly caught hairballs.

“My family and I can only express our gratitude,” the host of this unexpected reunion admitted with relief and happiness. Min Khoi Do refuses any financial compensation. His only reward is to see these dogs get out of this hell and find their home.

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