A man has a dog from a shelter that was sent for euthanasia. Today she already has 11 puppies!

Brian lived in a town near Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. He shared his life with a long-haired cat who badly needed company.
So Brian went to a local shelter to adopt a cat. However, he never met his soul mate.

After returning home, he did some research on the Internet and came across an ad from the association explaining that a certain number of dogs would be euthanized due to lack of financial and human resources.
“I drove for 45 minutes without asking myself any questions. Several puppies already seemed to attract people. And then I saw her. She was scared to death in the corner of her cubicle,” said Brian, who saved her from hell by adopting her.

“I thought about getting a cat, but I came home with a dog,” Brian joked.

Blue, as he was called, had difficulty adapting. Obviously, she was traumatized by her past and distrustful of people.

However, after a week, Brian already noticed an improvement. He wanted to take her to the vet to find out why her breasts were swollen. He was really afraid of the tumor, but Blue was very afraid of car trips. So he decided to wait until she felt completely confident before subjecting her to this test.

2 weeks after arriving at their new home, Blue gave Brian a pleasant surprise. “About 2 am, she began to scream and fidget a lot. Going to his basket, I found a puppy. So I did my best to help him,” Brian said.

The next morning, Blue gave birth to 11 perfectly healthy babies. Brian’s cat, taken aback at first, finally found in them the friends he dreamed of.

Brian lovingly cared for the canine family. He then found a choice of home for each of the cubs and then spayed Blue.

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