A Little Angel Saved A Stray And Injured Dog

In Brazil, a young girl made a touching gesture on her way home from school. Thanks to her, a stray dog ​​was able to start a new life.
In the month of April, a small star fell from the sky and was picked up by an angel. Mayan Rodriguez watched this scene live from her balcony.

On that day, many gray clouds gathered over the city of Blumenau, covered with a curtain of rain. The witness noticed a young girl stopping in the street. The latter put down her umbrella and took off her jacket despite the bad weather.

It was then that Mayan noticed a homeless puppy soaked to the skin. In her great kindness, the schoolgirl stopped her run to protect him. And this is not the end…

Wrapping the fluffy ball in her clothes and holding her close to her to comfort her, the guardian angel spread her wings and flew home. “Everything happened so fast. It was very emotional. I sent the video to a friend who shared it with a neighborhood group and then I found out who the angel was. »

Her name is Sibely Stieglmayer. From the height of her 12 years, a young girl saved an innocent life. “I was surprised when she arrived with the puppy, because she was very sweaty and wet from the rain,” her mother told our colleagues from across the Atlantic, “there was blood on her shirt … I thought she was injured, but she said me for finding an injured puppy. »

Don’t worry: the animal’s wound was superficial. A cocktail of love and attention was enough to cure him.

«If she could bring them all home, she would»
“Sibely has a very kind heart. She is very sorry for the stray dogs, — continued the mother of the family, — if she could bring them all home, she would do it. »

The dog, which turned out to be a female, was named Pretigna. Everyone in the household welcomed her with open arms.

No one knows how the dog suffered. But one thing is certain: Pretigny’s life was saved, and she said goodbye to the streets forever. It was on the side of the road that she met her protector, her new «mother», her soul mate.

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