A kitten who was found during hot weather in a backyard, is now living it up as a spoiled boy:) Tap the link and watch a video.

In the hot weather of August 2022, a man found a poor animal lying on his back in the middle of his yard. She was inert, seemed lifeless. As he approached, he realized that his little heart was still beating.

The man then took her under his wing, placed her in his cool home, and contacted the Front Street Animal Shelter.

“The mother and other babies have disappeared. They found the temperature was over 37 degrees,” said Haley Waugh, information coordinator at the Sacramento, California, shelter.

The kitten, later named Lavender, was taken to the vet for a checkup. Fortunately, she quickly recovered from heatstroke, but was frightened and disoriented.

In this way, Lavender received the help she needed from her saviour. However, foster mom admitted that the rescue was mutual. Indeed, Hailey has struggled to recover from the recent disappearance of her two felines.

“I had a tough few weeks after losing two foster cats that were very special to me. When one of my colleagues came up and handed it to me, I immediately knew that it would warm my heart,” admitted the girl.

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