A Homeless Kitten Was Waiting For The Arrival Of His Guardian Angel…

Kirsten, who works at a veterinary clinic, was driving to a friend’s house when she noticed a helpless hairball sitting on the road. The young woman stopped immediately and then picked up the animal in distress.

“Several cars honked at me,” she told Lovemeow, “as soon as I put him in my car, he pressed himself into my lap and began to purr. The young cat was desperately waiting for the arrival of his guardian angel, his wish came true.

The driver tried to find her possible owner on social networks. Alas, no one claimed this. Kirsten also returned to the place where she met the kitten, to see if other relatives were wandering around: nothing to report either.

At about 4 weeks old, the survivor was infested with parasites, including intestinal worms. His rescuer decided to take care of him until she finds the perfect home for him, ready to protect and love him forever.

Loving home forever

A kitten named Berlioz quickly settled into the home of his heroine. In addition to following her everywhere, the little cat is used to curling up in her arms and sleeping there in complete peace.

“He loves being around people,” the young woman explained, “he comes with me to work at the veterinary clinic where the staff loves him, and when needed he gives much-needed hugs or hangs out with my daughter and our other cats.” . Before she could realize it, Berlioz penetrated into everyone’s heart. Kirsten decided to adopt him.

Kirsten went to visit a friend, but returned home with a new family member: an adorable kitten, a real source of joy and love every day.

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