A fresh start for this 10 year old cat! This is amazing!!!

Matty, by her nickname, is a red cat who lived on the streets of Hanover, Pennsylvania in the USA.

Lack of care and maintenance has resulted in damage to his coat. He carried a load of more than 1.5 kg of tangled hair, which prevented him from moving easily.

Luckily, a local resident contacted the York County SPCA for help.

«The mats were so big and heavy that it was hard to see where her real body was,» said Dr. Wicks, the shelter’s medical director.

Special attention

Matty was frightened, but did not behave aggressively towards her rescuers. Thus, the veterinary team was able to easily shave off his coat. A few hours later, the cat again took on the appearance of a cat.

Separately, the caretakers discovered that Matty had diabetes. Therefore, he receives adequate treatment daily to regulate his blood sugar levels.

His new physical condition allowed him to better adapt to his environment. The volunteers of the association gave him all their support in this change of life.

«They showed affection when he showed interest and gave him leeway when he needed it,» said Dr. Wicks.

Matty’s hair grew back quickly, revealing her lion fur. 2 months after recovery, the cat was ready for adoption.

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