A fire brigade was mobilized to rescue a young cat stuck in a rainwater drain!

Rescuers were alerted by local residents who heard the desperate meow of the animal. The rescue was only the beginning of a new adventure for her.
The rescue took place in the town of Jericho on Long Island, New York. Residents of the Hamlet Estates residence were dismayed by the distress meow, which the wandering animal made almost non-stop, not knowing where it came from to begin with. Eventually the animal was discovered; he was in a rainwater sewer and couldn’t get out.

Then the residents began to call for help. A team of local firefighters (Jericho Fire Department) was sent to the scene. Among the rescuers was a woman named Stephanie.

Firefighters began by removing part of the heavy grate that was blocking the entrance to the tabby kitten, and then safely lifted him to the surface.
Completely soaked and terrified, he was dried, warmed and comforted by rescuers. The beautiful story does not end there, as Stephanie fell in love with this cat and decided to adopt her.

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