A dog hides bad memories and moves forward thankful to the great people…

Lottie drags a dark past like heavy chains. The dog, certainly mistreated, was found traumatized and paralyzed in Romania. Thanks to the love and kindness of people with big hearts, she managed to move forward. Here is the story of a dented life.

We don’t know what happened to her, explained Elodie Gueydon, 32, to the editorial team of Daily Star, we think she was abused. The 30-year-old and her partner, from London (England), opened the door to their home and their hearts to Lottie, a dog found in Romania 2 years ago, hidden under a pallet.

To save her, a veterinarian was forced to amputate her helpless limbs. Following this life-saving intervention, Lottie began to move around using a cart equipped with 2 wheels. Given her condition, she also wears diapers.

She is an inspiration

After many extremely painful ordeals, the 4-year-old dog has started a new chapter in her life… on a barge! Yes, Elodie and her companion have built their cozy little nest on the waves.
The organization that rescued her from poverty expressed her joy at the remarkable progress of this little ball of fur.
She went through a horrible time, said a spokesperson for the association, she is a source of inspiration.

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