A dog finds an egg in an incubator and decides to take care of it until it hatches. The chick has found his guardian angel. Tap the link and watch a video!

Erica Laurenzi lives on a large estate in Maine, New England, USA. She used to walk there for long hours with her dogs.

One day, she spotted her dog Stella in the distance with something in her mouth that didn’t look like a dog toy at all. Upon closer examination, it turned out that this is a relatively large egg, and Stella did not want to give it up at all. Erika still searched for over an hour for the nest where the spotted brown egg had come from. “Surprised that she didn’t break it, we went looking for a nest, but to no avail,” Erica told The Dodo.

The woman also did not want to refuse his salvation. So she put a warm egg under her clothes and ran to the pet store to buy an incubator.

During the 25 days of incubation, Stella looked after her little protégé while Erica wondered which bird would come out.

As soon as the shell cracked, Stella did not leave her post. “The morning it started hatching, you could tell Stella knew something was wrong. Then she watched carefully all night as he dried up and came to his senses, said Erica.
The goal is to return the bird to its natural habitat as soon as it becomes autonomous enough, while still providing it with a safe haven so that it does not fall into the power of predators. Meanwhile: “Stella comes in and looks around the incubator to check how healthy her new friend is, looking at each other and chirping softly,” concluded Erica.

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