A dog adopted from a shelter returns favor to its owners by saving them from a house fire!

Wilbur is a one year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was abandoned by his former owners, who were disappointed that he was not the Picard Spaniel they had hoped for.

Fearing that he would grow too big, they opted to keep him at just 3 months old in the Dogs Trust Ireland boxing association in December 2021.
Nevertheless, Wilbur had something to please. He was a very sweet and caring puppy. A typical character of his pedigree.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is indeed an artificial breed. He comes from various crosses of courageous canines with innate abilities to protect property and people.
The woman and her son quickly fell in love with him and adopted him just a month after he entered the orphanage.

Since then, the dog has made his family happy, and recently even saved their lives.

In mid-September 2022, a terrible fire broke out in the family’s house early in the morning. Everyone was sound asleep at this time, so that neither Wilbur’s mistress nor her son was awakened by the reflections of the flames and the smell of poisonous fumes.

Fortunately, they could count on their faithful companion. The dog did indeed perform a valiant deed, barking frantically until his owner stood up.

«Wilbur saved our lives!» Had he not barked to warn us that something was wrong, I would never have known the house was on fire until it was too late. He is without a doubt a hero in our eyes and forever our most loyal friend,” his mistress told IrishCentral.

Wilbur wasn’t used to having his voice just heard in the middle of the night. Therefore, his cries for help immediately alerted his family, who were able to leave the premises in time.

Firefighters then intervened and brought the fire under control.

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