A couple rescues a dozen street dogs and builds a small train to take them for walks. Tap the link and watch a video!

Alice and Paul Johnston moved to Lehigh Akers, Florida about 8 years ago. They used to have an animal shelter in Costa Rica. Of course, they didn’t leave at exactly 2: Alice and Paul took a dozen dogs rescued from the street and pampered daily.

To please everyone, the generous man even built a small train called the Wonderland Express! Paul was inspired by a Texan who made an abandoned dog train out of plastic barrels.

Thus, every Friday night, at sunset, the couple’s doggies enjoy a pleasant ride to their neighborhoods in their personal vans.

While Paul drives the Wonderland Express, his wife usually follows him on a bicycle to ensure the safety of the precious passengers. «The dogs are so excited, they love it,» the couple said, «they know it’s Friday, it’s amazing!»

But the furry balls aren’t the only ones who appreciate these little weekly rides. Indeed, local residents are still resolutely waiting for the convoy and treat cute dogs with treats.
Thanks to this ingenious initiative, Alice and Paul not only want to give their protégés a ride. “My husband put up posters on the train encouraging people to adopt,” Johnston explained. “There are so many stray dogs in the world and they make great pets. »

For this family, there is nothing more rewarding than giving abandoned or abused dogs a second chance and brighten up their lives in every possible way.

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