A Couple From Auckland Track Down their Stolen Cat

Frosty, a 5-year-old gray cat, disappeared on May 7th. Even before she noticed his disappearance, his owner Victoria Chapuse received strange messages from a man who asked the cat’s age and wanted to know if she could adopt him. The owner of the cat then did not pay much attention to this.

Then, realizing that Frosty was coming home late, she set out to look for him. She scoured the neighborhood, handing out posters and posting them on social media.

After 3 days, she still has not received any news about her four-legged friend. Then she remembered the cryptic messages and, together with her companion, investigated this woman. Using his phone number and through the WhatsApp application, the couple managed to identify the person and find his social media profiles.

One of his Instagram stories caught their attention; there they saw a cat basket full of toys, with a small tag that said «Morozko».

Winning bluff to get the cat back!

Victory Chapuse gave all the information she had to the police, but they could not do anything. She then decided to contact the lady, telling her with a bluff that she had incriminating CCTV footage and that law enforcement was investigating her.

His interlocutor replied that she had simply found Frosty and was taking care of him. She eventually agreed to return it to him.

Thus, the cat returned to the family safe and sound. The police did not investigate the case, believing that the defendant, Victory Chapuse, acted in good faith.

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