A Cocktail Of Mysticism And Humor: A Hilarious Cat That Knows How To Squat

Meet — this is the Dark Lord, he is also the Lord of Darkness — a cat of the sphinx breed, which has become a real Internet sensation! The hairless, green-eyed handsome man conquered social media users with his appearance, mystical aura and the ability to sit in an unusual position, showing off his … knees!

Who is the head in this house? The cat knows!

This wonderful pet lives in Los Angeles with his mistress Amanda and her wife Rafa. The first thing that catches your eye is his militancy. A small cat has a character that can scare away even a large dog. He boldly rushes into battle and jumps out of the most unexpected places. His owners always joke that their dog Nixie needs to hide if a cat appears on the horizon! He will definitely show who is the boss in the house!
But the most important thing, of course, is not this. The cocky «boy» became famous for squatting in a comical pose, showing his knees. The cat collects one front paw into a cam and holds it in front of him, and the second rests on the surface on which he sits. He looks remarkably like a human! And his gaze is so long and piercing!

Mystical and mysterious!

When the owners noticed such an unusual feature, they posted a video with the pet on Instagram, as well as many photos of him in his signature pose. Now the cat has more than 64 thousand subscribers who do not get tired of laughing at how this “guy” behaves.
By the way, the pet is also known for its dark side. The mistresses created a mystical halo for the purr, which stretches behind him, attracting lovers of secrets and mysteries. The Lord of Darkness is dressed in specific clothes and removed against the backdrop of magical paraphernalia, including pumpkins, which are usually used for Halloween.

The cat has colorful wigs, goggles that make him mysterious, and even a mysterious black cape that makes him a real Dark Lord! And you know, the cat perfectly entered the role, therefore, looking at him, you once again conclude how mystical these graceful creatures are.

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