A British woman hopes to raise enough funds through an online fundraiser to pay for the treatment of her critically ill cat!

Little Buddy had a rough start in life, but managed to survive when the curse seemed to be working against him. Now more than ever this cat needs all possible help as he is suffering from a serious illness. Its owner calls for solidarity.

Selita Alcartio, aged 38, a woman from Heckmondwick, Yorkshire. She has opened a Kitten Collection on the GoFundMe platform in hopes of raising the nearly $5,000 needed to treat her cat, who is suffering from oral cancer.

She adopted Little Buddy when he was still a tiny two week old kitten. He was abandoned by his mother, a stray, with two other children from her litter. The cat had already started a new pregnancy and no longer cared for them.

Selita Alcartio and other volunteers found foster homes for other kittens. She decided to take Little Buddy in charge. “I greeted him and treated him like he was my child. 24/7 bottle feeding on demand,” she says.

Her 19-year-old daughter Rose became very close to Buddy. She took an active part in his rescue, feeding and caring for him. “Rose was born on October 23rd and Little Buddy was born on September 23rd, so we thought they were made for each other,” says Selita Alcartio.

Buddy has grown into a big beautiful cat. So big, in fact, that his family thinks he’s a Maine Coon mix. “ At 7 weeks he looked like a 4 month old kitten. He is the biggest cat in the house,” says his owner.

“He is a beloved member of our family and has been through a lot.”

The latter burst into tears when she learned a few weeks ago that her cat was probably suffering from oral cancer. She explains that he developed lumps on his tongue and has not been able to eat properly since then. He’s going to have a biopsy.

“10% of cancers in pets start in the mouth. We don’t know if this is the case yet, but other bumps have formed. He is a beloved member of our family and has been through a lot. Now he has to go through this,” regrets Selita Alcartio.

Selita gives regular updates on Badы’s health. Alas, in recent days it has become quite painful for him to eat and swallow.
We hope that the woman will finally be able to save her cat and give him a new life for the second time!

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