A Brave Veterinarian Crosses Ukraine To Save Hundreds Of Animals Trapped In The Centre Of The Conflict

In Ukraine, the horrors of war do not spare animals. Over the past few weeks, veterinarian Jakub Kotowicz has become a figure of heroism. And for good reason: the 30-year-old traveled the territory to save hundreds of cats, dogs and other innocent creatures.

A shower of bullets and shells has fallen on Ukraine since the invasion of Russian troops at the end of February 2022. Among the victims of these incessant conflicts are animals. Many of them are lucky to have had a life-saving encounter: Jakub Kotowicz, veterinarian and founder of the ADA association, appeared to be a true messiah.

Over the days, the 32-year-old rescued 200 cats and 60 dogs from Lviv.

The survivors were brought to safety in Poland, the country of origin of their hero. Still according to our colleagues from across the Channel, this crossing corresponds to many hours of driving.

All the cats are much stressed, the journey from Lviv takes one day and we crossed the border with a pass, but the queue from Ukraine was very long.

A good deed

Among the little treasures he brought back from Ukraine were a dog with a bullet wound in the spine, a Sphynx dressed in a knitted sweater and eager for cuddles, as well as a Chihuahua puppy and its mother. In addition, a kid only 2 months old and by the name of Sasha took part in the great journey. Jakub would consider adopting her.

As some animals arrived in very poor condition, they will certainly remain behind the walls of the ADA Foundation for a few months, in order to receive all the necessary care. For those enjoying better health, Jakub hopes to find them new homes in Europe.

«Some people have come here and asked if we have their cat,» the vet added. Ever since Jakub Kotowicz’s story has been circulating on the internet, he has been hailed as a hero.

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