A 17-year-old girl affected by the problem of animals organizes an event to help them!

Lali and her brother Tom were afraid of dogs until Roxy, a Eurasian breed, burst into their lives. Indeed, their father decided to overcome this phobia by showing them up close what real dog love is.

Since then, the young girl has embraced positive parenting and built a strong, complicit relationship with Roxy.

Now Lali shares her adventures with her faithful 2-year-old furry friend on Instagram. To date, the duo has over 1,500 subscribers.
However, Lali wishes to do more for the animal cause. The teenager thought about creating his own association, but in the end decided to organize an event aimed at raising funds for the spa.

“I wanted to find a way to help shelter dogs to improve their daily lives,” Lali said.

The program includes: 2 canicross competitions (3.2 and 5 km), a 5 km walk, a rescue operation at sea and an agility demonstration.

Visitors will also be able to shop at the exhibitors’ village. The profits made by Lali and her 26 volunteers will be donated to the spa to make things better for dogs in need.

The initiative of the young lady was crowned with great success.

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