A 13-Year-Old Golden Retriever, The Oldest Member Of The Charity Finds His Home.

Staying in a shelter is a difficult test for dogs, especially in old age. Adoptive parents are sometimes hesitant to make commitments for fear that their heart will break shortly after their arrival.

It is to make a difference that the 30 Million Friends Foundation organizes Operation Doyens every year. This event allows people to get to know older animals that deserve to end their days in a loving home, while downplaying the vagaries of old age. Indeed, the fund offers to reimburse any veterinary expenses up to 600 euros.

Jules, a 13-year-old golden retriever, is lucky in his misfortune. The poor animal was taken to the Gerbey Orphanage in Ysere because its owner could no longer take care of it. Despite his advanced age and deafness, Jules is a lively and affectionate dog. Her playful muzzle and awkward look quickly seduced.

Many adoptive parents suggested that Jules start a new life. In the end Marie and her husband were chosen. “He has achieved tremendous success despite his age. We literally fell in love when we saw him,” she told the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

The pair were perfect in every way, as they already had experience with golden age dogs. Indeed, Marie and her husband have given several dogs over 10 years of age a chance in the past.

Jules felt completely at ease in his new home. “To say that he adapted very quickly is an understatement. He already knew where his couch was. In fact, it does not have a specific angle. It settles everywhere we go. A real pot of glue,” Marie joked.

The hostess contains her four-legged companion. She gives him the necessary help with skin problems and makes him exercise regularly. “He really makes us laugh. He loves to play ball but doesn’t catch it very well even when you aim at his face,» said Marie.

The strong-willed dog brings joy to his family, who have just welcomed their little girl, Lucy. «He’s a good tyrant. He hates to wait. Sometimes the neighbors call out to us while we’re walking… and he doesn’t like it when we talk too much! He acts like a teenager. Luckily he’s old,» said Mari cheerfully.

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