How the guide dogs are necessary for us? Are we deserve them? Tap the link and watch a video!

As humanity moves along the path of technical and social progress, the use of the working qualities of dogs has been developed in new directions, more in demand by modern society.
Therapy dogs are classic all-rounders. They provide the owner with psychological support through companionship, positive emotions, love, attention and specialized assistance. They are sociable, mentally balanced, good-natured and love people. Such dogs work in nursing homes, schools, hospitals and other similar institutions. Compensating lonely people for the lack of communication, they give them spiritual comfort.


The essence of their versatility lies, among other things, in the ability to work in different places, conditions and with different people. Much attention is paid to the nature and upbringing of service dogs: they must be sociable, calm, obedient and not cause inconvenience to the owner and other people. Of course, aggression in such dogs is completely excluded. People receiving therapy dogs are often non-disabled and only temporarily in need of such support. For example, in areas of disasters and catastrophes.

In this video you can see how amazing and human the service dogs could be!

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