7 Tips For Protecting Dogs From The Heat

As temperatures rise, owners should be mindful of their dog and the risk that it will suffer from the heat. How to protect it? Here are 7 good reflexes to adopt.

The harsh winters are behind us. Now it’s not about protecting your dog from the cold, but rather from the atrocities of the heat.
Our four-legged friends are no less sensitive to heat than we are. We see them panting and sticking out their tongues as the mercury begins to rise. If they are not protected, their health is at risk.
A few tips below will help you avoid small and big troubles associated with high temperatures.

1. Keep the dog in the shade
Make sure your dog is out of direct sunlight and heat. It’s about keeping it inside in bright sunlight or outside, in its alcove, under the yard, or in any structure that provides shade and where the air circulates freely.

2.Make sure he drinks water regularly
The dog should always have fresh and healthy water. Refresh the contents of his water bowl regularly.

3.Bathe more frequently
It’s also a good idea to leave him a basin or plunge pool filled with water so he can bathe in it from time to time.

4.Wipe a wool
When summer comes, it is recommended to start a grooming for your dog, especially if he has a wool.
The idea is, first of all, not to shave him — the wool protects him from the sun’s rays — but to refresh and air his coat, slightly shortening it and getting rid of dead hairs.

5.Never leave it in a parked car
Unfortunately, every summer brings its fair share of cases of dogs being left in parked cars in the sun, with dire consequences for the four-legged.
Inside the car, the temperature rises very quickly and easily exceeds the ambient temperature even with the windows down. In this case, the animal is at risk of heat stroke. Sometimes, alas, the latter can be fatal.

6. Do not walk during hours of strong sunlight
The dog obviously can’t live without his daily walks, but they must take place outside the hours when the sun is «hardly beating».
Do not walk with your four-legged friend from late morning until noon. They prefer walks early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is lower.

7.What to do with heat stroke?
If, despite your precautions, your dog is suffering from heat stroke, you will need to respond quickly to help her body return to normal body temperature. Remember that it must be between 38 and 39°C.

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