7 Atypical Dogs Who Will Change The Stereotypes About Dog Beauty!

Instagram account @DogofInstagram launched a game in which followers posted photos of their four-legged companions with unique physical shapes.

The aim is to demonstrate that these cute dogs are not without character and are just as lovable as others whose physical criteria are erroneously considered more «adequate» or more beautiful.

Discover, without further ado, our selection of dogs that are as special as they are adorable!

1. Meet @darla_frenchiepug, she is 50% French Bulldog, 50% Pug and 100% unimpressive!

2. «Honestly, he’s fun, full of personality, and his dress is pretty puffy and fluffy,» says his mum Heather @dapper_desmond.

3. English Bulldog Mom Lenore, @l0ve_cha, says her tongue sticks out all the time and she even caught her sleeping like that!

4. @Babydahlzsays’s mom says that he’s crazy and expressive, he has the biggest eyes in the whole country!

5. Chloe’s mom swears that despite her giant tongue, she gives the best (and also the most dripping) kisses!

6. For some mothers, there is nothing more beautiful than watching their baby sleep peacefully. And @t_unmelts my heart feels the same way too.

7. Chester’s father, @jack_mclaughlin 95, has a lot to be proud of, right?

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