5 years after the disappearance, the female English bulldog returns to her owner and presents her with an unexpected surprise!

Jen Costa and her dog Azzurra Diamante have recently been reunited, five years after a female English Bulldog went missing. Since then, the little family has also grown, people said.

The English Bulldog owner lived in Nassau County, New York until she was hospitalized in 2016 due to oral cancer. Shortly after a major operation and discharge from the hospital, the dog disappeared.

Azzurra Diamante remained unknown until October 2021 when it was discovered by a resident of Chester County, Tennessee and taken care of by a local shelter. It was here that the dog’s ID chip was found, allowing staff to contact Jen Costa with the incredible news. The owner of the dog, however, did not exhaust her surprises.

Jen Costa was unable to pick up immediately due to the distance (over 1400 kilometers) and also because she no longer lives at home. In fact, the young woman is being hosted by members of her family in Queens.

So she had to wait until January last year to pick it up. The meeting was full of emotions. However, Azzurra Diamante woke her up in the middle of the night a few days later. The dog was breathing very loudly and seemed to be in great pain, then it began to bleed.

The concerned owner contacted his veterinarian, who explained to him that, given the symptoms described, the animal was likely about to give birth. Jen Costa couldn’t believe it; neither she nor the shelter team noticed anything in Azzurra Diamante that would indicate that she was pregnant. Her belly barely grew because she was actually only carrying one puppy.

January 24, while Jen Costa was driving to the veterinary clinic, her dog gave birth to an adorable baby. She decided to name him Miracle.

The New Yorker says he looks like Bruno, her other dog, who died of cancer last August. Now she wants to have her own place to be able to support Azzurra Diamante and Miracle.

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