He Has Taste In Music!
Some dog breeds howl more frequently than others, such as the Husky or the Saarloos Wolfdog. For a Chihuahua, this is quite rare. Moreover, this one does not
Actress Dakota Fanning Shares Precious Memories Of Her Deceased Dog.
Talented American actress Dakota Fanning spoke briefly about her deceased dog Lewellen in front of singer Kelly Clarkson during her appearance on the latter’s talk show. Together with
The Unfortunate Dog, Who Never Looks Anyone Eyes And Has Never Known Love, Regains Strength For Life!
Klementine was found roaming the streets of California (USA). Thin and sick, she was placed in a shelter, where she came close to euthanasia … The unfortunate dog
Kitten Runs Away To Comfort Sick Dog…
This interspecies friendship proves how capable animals are of altruism. The kitten, placed in solitary confinement by a veterinarian, slipped out of her cage. The caretakers were even
The Famous KharkIv Cat Stepan Is Now In France: The Fate Of The Pet And Its Owners!
Hooray! In the light of recent events, we rejoice at a small but really good news. A popular cat named Stepan from Kharkiv was evacuated to France. A
Red-Haired Courier: A Cat Gracefully Walked Down The Street, Carrying Barbecue In A Bag
Perhaps everyone is used to the work of a courier. Today there is nothing special about the fact that a person delivers food and orders to homes and
Pets That Unexpectedly Made Their Owners Rich!
When people get a four-legged friend, few people think about making money from it. A puppy or kitten gets into the house, which is raised, loved and taken
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Adventurous Cat Makes It Clear He Doesn’t Like Beach Wind With Hilarious Expression
The owner of the Pumpkin immortalized her cat’s expression, which proves that he does not like the wind. Photos posted on social networks moved Internet users. Tia is
Buddy Has Officially Been Adopted!
Buddy was horribly attacked, 2 dogs, instigated by minors, brutally attacked this cat. A few weeks later, the cat not only recovered from this attack, but began a