Pitbull rescued from fire is fostered by the firefighter who saved him! On that day, the dog had just met its new «dad».
Sometimes luck helps luck. During the intervention on the morning of April 12, firefighters in Sacramento (California, USA) found a puppy near the fire. On that day, the
Nora has come a long way. The only option to save her was to amputate the flaps of her badly infected ears. Luckily, the association saved her and helped her!
Nora wandered alone through the streets of a town in Wisconsin, USA, before a shelter came to her rescue. The unfortunate woman was taken to the local veterinarian,
Found abandoned with a heartbreaking message from her family, dog gets a new life. Tap the link and watch a video story.
Due to financial difficulties, the family decided to keep their dog in the arena, with a note explaining their choice. Under the supervision of a volunteer, she was
A teenager became Britain’s youngest dog trainer. She is 19!
A 19-year-old girl from Wales adopts a puppy to become a guide dog. This makes her the youngest specialist dog handler in the country. She can count on
In a memory of a missing cat, a man goes on a hike to raise funds for the shelter that took her in and took care of her.
When Adrian and his wife adopted Grumbles, a cat rescued by the association, this Glaswegian was far from suspecting that the animal would in turn save his life.
Philibert is far from the cliché of a simple domestic cat. The Siberian turns out to be an excellent adventurer… Tap the link and watch a video.
Philibert gazed at the sky so intently that his eyes took on a bluish tint. A captivating look in which you want to drown. His splendor is also
Buying food for a stray cat she met in the store, the young woman had no idea that this was the beginning of a great friendship story! Tap the link and watch a video.
Tanya Santos, who lives in Mexico, went shopping. There she found a white stray cat. The girl wanted to pet him, but the animal had other plans. He
The cat and her kittens, abandoned in a transport box on the sidewalk, are happy to enjoy their new cozy nest!
A cat and her babies were found on a sidewalk in Las Vegas (USA). The wool balls locked in the shipping crate were removed and taken to a
She rescued him and he returned the «favor» with special help, becoming her emotional helper cat!
Cats are extremely sensitive. According to a study by the Affinity Foundation and the Chairman of the Affinity Animal and Health Foundation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona
The unsociable cat became the most faithful protector of the kitten, which was found emaciated and covered in parasites. Tap the link and watch a video!
Garfield, a five week old kitten, was born on the street. Left to himself, he was picked up and taken to a veterinary clinic. It was there that