Thanks to the intervention of firefighters, the cat was able to find her five babies who had fallen into the sewers. The cat family was then handed over to the local association.
McDonough firefighters in the state of Georgia (southern USA) had to carry out a rather unusual rescue operation for them. They had to rescue a litter of kittens
Aloe’s favorite toy? Scrunchy. When the cat tried to get an accessory stuck under the washing machine, she accidentally opened her hiding place to the owner!
Our beloved pets sometimes have an obsession with relatively unusual objects that makes us laugh. The story told here is humorous! From a young age, Aloe has always
The couple traverses the US Northwest on a bike and travels over 6,000 kilometers to raise funds for animal relief.
Accompanied by her husband and dog, the woman embarked on a journey of more than 6,000 kilometers by bicycle across the United States. Her goal is to raise
Blind cat with painful past wins hearts of millions with adorable videos! Tap the link and watch it!
Dmitry lost his sight due to a serious eye infection. Found wandering the streets of Greece, he began a new chapter in his life in London. Dmitry was
A stray cat walked through the door of the house to give her kittens a chance at a better life!
Discovered by friendly passers-by, a stray cat was able to give birth to her cubs in optimal conditions. The association then took responsibility for the cat family. The
Kleptomaniac cat! The local cat steals various unusual items from the neighbors. Tap the link and watch a video!
The crime wave started 3 years ago. A robber with a long mustache and in a black dress began to steal clothes, including bras. He even brought live
Taking care of her when she was still a very young puppy, the volunteers hoped to quickly find a family for Chance, but she has been in the shelter for many years.
However, they do not intend to give up. In 2015, a couple discovered a homeless puppy in great danger, which was attacked by relatives of a much older
Former stray dog retrained and now provides emotional support to the Ukrainians !
The World Organization for Animal Protection FOUR PAWS has been participating in the Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) program since 2018. It consists of selecting stray dogs, then training
In the middle of the night, the Pitbull followed his owner to bathroom: she has a vision of horror… Tap the link and watch the video !
Pitbull was trying to wake her up to show her something. Fortunately, she quickly understood what it was! Tracy Daniels and her family were very excited when they
Mustachioed fellow traveler wants on hands! :) A unique train has appeared in Japan! (Video)
The Japanese take care of their four-legged friends! Recently, a train specifically for stray cats appeared in Japan! 🙂 This happened thanks to the Japanese public organization and