The miracle of sincere love! A childless dog was given a kitten – and she began to feed him … with milk! (Video)
The strongest love in the world is maternal! And even if the child is adopted. And even if the mother is a dog, and the child is a
Neville is the most famous “designer” dog! With such a pet, you can not work …))
Meet Neville, the pet of famous designer Marc Jacobs. The Bull Terrier was adopted into the family in 2012. And since that time, the pet has become a
“Better with a dog!” The newlyweds invited the guests to come with puppies instead of… flowers !
Every couple wants their wedding to be special. Kate also dreamed about this when she married David. That is why, inviting friends to their celebration, the couple decided:
Veterinarians are urging people not to buy English Bulldogs until the breed has regained healthy characteristics.
British veterinary experts are urging people to stop buying English Bulldogs, citing health concerns related to their recent evolution. The latter are revealed in a new study by
Hero Dog Who Saved Over 80 Canines by Donating Blood Retires: ‘He’s Done a Wonderful Job’!
For 7 years, Arnie gave twenty bags of his blood, which saved more than 80 of his relatives. This dog has reached retirement age, but his owner wants
She turns her house into a shelter for elderly and terminally ill dogs so that they can live out their last days in peace.
Valerie Reed opened Whispering Willows Senior Dog Shelter in 2017, providing a relaxing getaway for senior dogs. The animal lover couldn’t bear the thought of dogs dying alone.
Two orphaned kittens, born from the same mother a few days apart, meet at a shelter and never part again!
Cats usually give birth to all their kittens within a few hours. However, this young mother gave birth only to a child, which she later abandoned. The vet’s
Scribble just wanted to be loved. A homeless puppy chased passers-by in the hope of a better life. What happiness when he saw that his biggest dream came true!
There is one very apt expression: “not all dogs are lucky enough to have a loving home from birth.” A three-month-old puppy named Scribble was one of those
This dog spent 7 days on the side of the road because his owner told him not to move. Luke was no exception to this rule, which could have cost him his life.
A well-trained dog will always obey his master’s commands. Luke was no exception to this rule, and ironically, that could cost him his life. His story is the
Kitten Who Was Alone Wandering Outside, Now Purrs Blissfully Indoors and Melts Every Heart He Comes Across (Video)
The New Zealand SPCA is accustomed to helping kittens of all ages who are often fearful and suspicious. On the contrary, he showed his strong character when he