Two kittens are clinging to their lives with all their might.. You will be surprised at their willpower…
Born to a stray cat too ill to care for, 2 kittens cling to their lives with the help of an association, a foster family and a cat
Who said cats don’t like helping others? Click on the link and watch the video. Your heart will melt!
The action took place in Brazil. The child dropped the mother’s keys into the hole. The hole in question is in what appears to be a low wall
A small puppy weighing less than a kilogram seemed doomed, his former owners decided…
Because of his special needs, Toby’s former owners considered having him euthanized. However, the association accepted him, and his story touched upon a company specializing in equipment for
Due to intense heat their chances of survival were slim. It was very difficult to save them…
Animal welfare associations constantly warn owners about the dangers of leaving a four-legged friend in the car. I remind you that when it is 22 degrees outside, the
Incredible maternal instinct! She was looking for a place to give birth and suddenly…
With the support of the association, a recently given birth cat was too stressed to care for her cubs. The volunteers knew what needed to be done to
Just look at this kitten who decided to keep warm in the wrong place. Tap the link and watch a video!
It is not uncommon for cats to take refuge in the still-hot engine of parked cars. However, in many cases, the experiment turns into a disaster. Either the
How the guide dogs are necessary for us? Are we deserve them? Tap the link and watch a video!
As humanity moves along the path of technical and social progress, the use of the working qualities of dogs has been developed in new directions, more in demand
The cat is more likely to reveal his dark side. He was definitely not in the mood that day. And still…
Associations are overflowing with abandoned kittens during this breeding season. They do their best to provide them with the care they need for their development. At the same
The kitten slips into an 8 cm pipe! If no one had noticed, you can’t imagine what could have happened… Firefighters did their best!
iAccording to YakTriNews on Monday, July 4, firefighters rescued a kitten that was stuck in an underground pipeline. The rescue took place on Saturday, July 2, in Pasco,
After 6 years of waiting and spending thousands of euros, this family can finally welcome their adopted dog abroad.
Despite years of waiting, colossal sums spent and all the difficulties that have arisen, Natasha Corbin and David Danes have absolutely no regrets, on the contrary. Finally having