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Comparing Tuggly the cat, before and after after being rescued and adopted, it is hard to believe that this is the same animal. However, it is!
Once sick, cachectic and aggressive, he has become a being overflowing with love and serenity. “I thought he was at least 10 years old, just by his appearance,”
Firefighters try to rescue a kitten stuck in an air vent with a radio-controlled camera.
Firefighters, utilities and bystanders mobilized to rescue a kitten stuck in a sewer. The little cat would even find a roof after being rescued. Firefighters have rescued a
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Stray kittens are looking for a place to hide at all costs, sometimes at the risk of their lives. Choosing a manhole cover when a storm was approaching was really not the best option.
Luckily, the association and firefighters mobilized to help him before he drowned. The Biker Animal Force Association rescued the mother cat in mid-May 2022 in the town of
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“She put her paws around my neck and let me walk her back to the car,” the kind woman said, “she was scared, but I could tell that she believed in me…”
In early February 2020, the couple had a heartbreaking encounter. A rickety young dog wandered frantically along the side of the road. On their way home from work,
This dog has everything to create a happy family, but no one is interested, because he is not a “purebred”.
Arthur is a dog full of qualities, but at the shelter where he has been living since his rescue from the street, he does not arouse the interest