Two months after the disappearance of the cat, the unpredictable happened!
Once again, the identification of the animal allowed him to return to his family. Miri, a cat lost for 2 months, was found 100 kilometers from her owners’
The story of the dog who is waiting for the better person to rescue him. Tap the link and watch a video!
And after the meeting that guy the miracle began… Don’t pass by this story…
The aim of the project is to help these animals find new loving families by making them more needed…
A teacher and a volunteer at the shelter had the idea to start a very good project involving her students in the animal shelter. The students wrote letters
The same firefighters who once saved them come to the family with animals again…
A year after the fire that devastated the city of Lytton in British Columbia in Canada, 2 firefighters return to the scene for a ceremony. This time they
The wild kitten finally dared to take the first step to…She just wants to be held! Tap the link and watch a video.
This time of year is marked by the birth of a large number of wild kittens. A good Samaritan helped a hidden and frightened girl find much-needed comfort
Roxy, a police rookie dog, causes trouble for drug dealers. Here is the power!
Roxy is a 2-year-old 16kg Belgian Shepherd Malinois who starts a promising career with the Cherbourg Police. His mission? Find drugs and banknotes in the best caches. His
Short and sickly 10-day-old orphan kitten shows incredible will to live. Tap the link and look through kitten’s incredible transformation.
Very badly, on arrival at the shelter, the cat, a few days old, was able to get back on its feet thanks to the founder of the association
How strong can be the love of man for animals. This man gives all his free time to his pets…
In Turkey, a man devotes all his free time to animals in distress, which he welcomes and cares for in a nature reserve he founded. He saves cats
You can’t even imagine what a magical transformation this mother rejected kitten you will see!
When a kitten is rejected by its mother, its chances are slim. This is called natural selection. The cat will indeed contribute to the survival of the strongest
«She was cold and screaming when she came to us.» Tap the link and watch video!
Maternal instinct seems to have no limits for this beautiful blue-eyed cat. When her foster family gave her a newborn kitten, abandoned by her own mother, she didn’t