The dog, abandoned in the parking lot by the former owners, was rescued by the association. Hope a loving family for this extremely cute boy will be found soon!
Clarence is the perfect family dog. He adores everyone, adults, children and relatives. However, that didn’t stop his owners from abandoning him in a supermarket parking lot after
Some friendships described as unusual may make you smile. In Sri Lanka, a couple unexpectedly received a package with a wild boar…
Dora Wei and Nuvan Hemachandra will never forget September 2020. And for good reason: they found a trembling female boar in a box in front of their house.
Thanks to work, patience and love, the kitten, who was very scared when he arrived at the shelter, managed to overcome his fears!
IndyHumane – a human society, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, regularly takes in distressed kittens, especially those who have lost their mother under various circumstances. These vulnerable little cats
These two policemen did much more than rescue a dog and her puppies found in an abandoned house.
Two policemen from Detroit (USA) rescued a dog and two of her puppies living in an abandoned house. This operation turned out to be much more than a
A passer-by witnessed a touching scene in the park of Bucaramanga, a city located in Colombia. A homeless man gave his beloved dog the best birthday ever. (Video)
There are touching scenes that will forever remain in our memory. A resident of Bucaramanga stopped at a bend in the road to commemorate a particularly touching event.
Ryu met her first ray of sunshine and was completely overwhelmed by the feeling that he gave. (Video)
A video showing the kitten in action melted the hearts of many on Instagram, where it was posted by her foster mom. A foster family in California has
Rademenes The ‘Nurse cat’ Lends A Paw To Veterinarians At Polish Animal Shelter in Bydgoszczy! (Video)
A cat named Radamenes became very seriously ill, and his owner had neither the money nor the time to treat the pet. The man took the cat to
The rescue of Rosabella, a dog abandoned in the cold and among the garbage, is a Christmas miracle for the one who adopted her.
Dog called ‘Christmas miracle’ after being rescued from abuse For Rosabella, the chances of salvation seemed very slim. Volunteer foster mother Breanna Jensen told WAGM that if this
A fire brigade was mobilized to rescue a young cat stuck in a rainwater drain!
Rescuers were alerted by local residents who heard the desperate meow of the animal. The rescue was only the beginning of a new adventure for her. The rescue
Mobile cat lounge hopes to end cat euthanasia in Polk County! Here, cats have all the necessary amenities and can meet their potential owners (Video).
The former veterinary assistant decided to create her own mobile cat salon, a mobile home where cats have all the necessary amenities and can meet their potential owners.