Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved four-legged friends said goodbye to their mother as the funeral procession passed through Windsor. Tap the link and watch a video!
Her great love for horses and dogs, especially the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, will be remembered for a long time. She had dozens of them for all 70 years
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Philip Lewis is happy and relieved that his dog Little Dude has been returned to him safe and sound after 15 extremely agonizing days. It all started on
A woman had just adopted this little savior 9 days ago. And even being with her only a few days, he saved her…Tap the link and watch a video!
Dogs are extremely loyal animals. If this dog only dated his owner for a few days, he didn’t leave her when she lost herself and needed a companion.
A woman took the wrong path, but ended up in the right place at the right time to rescue a stray kitten on the highway!
In May 2022, Laila D’Souza, director of the Winston Memorial Foundation Animal Shelter, was driving home when she took the wrong exit off the freeway. Then she saw
He had to explain to his daughter that the cat would most likely not return, but something unexpected happened 8 months later…
Stephen Hurley lives in Eastpoint, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, where he and his cat moved after their divorce. He was very attached to a cat named Connor,
With an iron will, a sick and mutilated cat begins the fight for the right to life!
In Turkey, a dirty and sick young cat was given the chance to live a fulfilling life thanks to the dedication of an animal lover. Although she has
A wild and frightened kitten finds the strength to trust people thanks to the cat who took him under his wing!
The Sparkle Cat Rescue Association, based in Burlington, North Carolina, USA, has been approached to socialize feral kittens. The task was about to get more difficult. Due to
An amazing story! A group of volunteers rescued a dog stuck in a hole for three weeks! Tap the link and watch a video.
A dog named Billy was saved after spending a week in a tunnel. Rescuers, volunteers, took turns helping him. Personalities such as Rémy Gaillard and Julien Courbet were
Two dogs were on the verge of death after they ate chocolate and raisins found in the park! Be careful!
Carrie Allan lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her two purebred dogs, a golden retriever, Baxter and Oscar. One evening, a 41-year-old woman went for a walk with her
The dogwas stuck on the top of a cliff and no one was able to help it. His misadventures lasted for 3 days…
A team consisting of a mountain soldier and volunteers from the local spa rescued a dog that had been stuck on top of a cliff for several days.