A 17-year-old girl affected by the problem of animals organizes an event to help them!
Lali and her brother Tom were afraid of dogs until Roxy, a Eurasian breed, burst into their lives. Indeed, their father decided to overcome this phobia by showing
This is nothing less than a wonder! The cat desperately waited for someone to come and rescue her!
The cat was rescued by firefighters after she was surrounded by flames and thick smoke at her owners’ home. The rescue took place on Tuesday, August 16, in
This is the world’s sweetest dog and he’s raised a family of ducklings…Tap the link and watch a video!
Interspecies friendship is always touching to watch. But here things go further. This is not just attachment, but sudden parenthood. The dog liked the ducklings, which immediately followed
These 2 blind and inseparable kittens amaze with their adaptability. They are always together!
Kerry, a foster volunteer with Best Friends Felines based in Brisbane, USA, was given two kittens like no one else. Two toddlers, Pearl and Miley, were found wandering
Lake District rescuers save sick dog and its owners by carrying pooch down boulder field!
It took the intervention of a specialized rescue team to get the dog and its owners out of harm’s way as they clambered up the slippery rock wall
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A foster family in California has released an adorable video of one of the kittens in their care discovering the joy of the sun. Yige works as a
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The SPCA shelter in Houston, Texas in the United States was entrusted with an injured and malnourished dog found north of the city by shelter services. In a
Two Ukrainian dogs affected by the war received a wheeled device and are now looking for a loving home!
Johnny and Phoenix have a troubled past and are now reborn from the ashes thanks to three associations. One of them said that Johnny was shot dead by
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Alice and Paul Johnston moved to Lehigh Akers, Florida about 8 years ago. They used to have an animal shelter in Costa Rica. Of course, they didn’t leave
After overcoming illness, this cat and her only kitten are enjoying life together. Tap the link and watch a video!
Life is not always a long calm river. Bunny, a tabby cat with a beautiful round belly, roamed the streets before being handed over to the caring hands